Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Irresistible Force - Waveform / Natural Frequency 12" (US exclusive remixes)

This is the 1995 Astralwerks 12" for the US exclusive remixes by Mixmaster Morris of two cuts from the 1994 album Global Chillage.
The A side remix of Waveform is a ticking, tumbling breakbeat version that adds multiple sounds and lush layers to create a truly interesting remix that is one of the best interpretations of MM's work.
The B side remix of Natural Frequency is a slow, funky cut that bubbles along with crisp percussion, reverb of pings, pops, blips and blops and warm gated pads that flesh out the track to make this an absolute aural treat.
Both sides of the 12" are here for your listening pleasure.

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file password: atiwygwylei


Luis said...

Once again and again thankYouthanks B. Dee. The album was one of the best chill/ambient works at time and stills motivating deep listening. I don't know these versions but i'm sure i will like.

Jah Rizla said...

Sweet post dude takes me back a while
not heard these mixes before. Enjoying this so much ...thanx

B.Dee said...

You're both very welcome!

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