Friday, August 2, 2013

Me and Jack - This Way Up / Satisfaction 12"

This is the 1995 Me and Jack double-sided 12" release for the follow-up to the 1993 über progressive house monster "Viva House".
The A side cut is a 4/4 and breakbeat hybrid that utilized a thick bassline, squiggly synth work and fluttering arpeggios to construct a solid track that fit well with the predominant sound of the mid 90's progressive house scene.
The B side song is a house-ier tune that uses a female vocal sample to give the track cohesion and some drive. A solid work to compliment the A side and make this vinyl worthy of flipping over again and again.
Both sides of the 12" are here for your listening enjoyment.

purchase it here

download it here

file password: atiwygwylei


Aid00 said...

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You Got A Great Blog Going On & I'm Putting You My Blog List, Hope You Do The Same With Mine

Luis said...

Well, another good surprise.
Oh how i love the Viva House release.
I'm pretty sure i'll love this one too.


btw: you don't have the Viva House release do you?


B.Dee said...


I posted the original one sided 12" for Viva House on the older version of this blog.

The download is still available here:


Luis said...

Man you rock, i mean you electronic! tysvm!!!

Luis said...


i was right : i do love This Way Up too. I love you man...