Friday, July 19, 2013

Metro LA - Hold Your Wig 12"

This is the 1996 Bassex Records 12" for the Metro LA cut that takes its name (and spoken word samples) from the popular track "My Loleatta (Dish Apella)".
The A side original mix utilizes a standard 4/4 pattern and adds layer upon layer of tones, crisp rhythm elements and wiggling acid lines to create a perfect pseudo-psychedelic cut that exemplifies the mid 90's American rave sound.
The B side gets a more than appropriate remix treatment from San Francisco producer Bassbin Twins. With a lot of choice elements to start with, the remix expands on the original vibe and makes the track an even more bugged out audio experience. Adding a stomping half-step breakbeat and working the samples to their maximum potential, this version does what any remix should do for the original track - improve on it.
Both sides of the 12" are here for you to enjoy.

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file password: atiwygwylei

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Anonymous said...

Great choice, thanks!

Hold Your Wig rocks, yeah!