Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inner Sanctum - How Soon Is Now (remixes) 12"

This is the 1997 Malarky Records test pressing/promo for the Inner Sanctum remake of The Smiths track "How Soon Is Now?".
The A side remix was done by Swansea UK producers Hybrid. Their remix is in step with most of their other works from the late 90's. Crisp production, bottom heavy beats and useful track programming. This is one of their lesser known remixes, but definitely one of the more interesting cuts they've constructed.
The B side version was done by Heliotropic. Their version is a hard-bag/trancey interpretation that is a comparatively cheesy take, but was probably appealing to a certain sect of record buyers and club goers.
Both sides of the vinyl are here for your listening enjoyment.

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