Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Orb - Aftermath / From a Distance 12"

This is the 2004 Simply Recordings 12" release for the single by long time electronic weirdos The Orb. The tracks are taken from their LP Bicycles & Tricycles and remixed by two luminaries of the UK music landscape.
The A side features the original LP version along with the remix by dub producers Bus. The original version is a dubby trip hop excursion with an odd rap by MC Soom T laced throughout. Some cheeky bits of wordplay are interesting and make the track enjoyable. The remix by Bus strips the beats down to their essential elements with a bit more tic/twitch infusion, which gives it a funkier feel. A solid remix effort.
The B side remix was done by progressive house/breaks producer Hybrid. The remix is a stunning, slick production that turns the downtempo LP track into an expansive turbo-charged cut that adds depth and breadth without sacrificing the integrity of the original work. This is one of the best danceable remixes of The Orb to be released (IMO).
Both sides of the vinyl are here for your listening pleasure.

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Matt S said...

Brilliant, thankyou so much! (And I'm seeing them live this coming Saturday, so some 'new' material will help get in the vibe!!)