Friday, June 21, 2013

Metro LA - Green Line Acid 12"

This is the 1996 Bassex Records 12" for the 4th release by Los Angeles based duo Metro LA.
The A side, with its underlying stomping beats and upfront acid riffs build throughout the first two thirds, then the cut switches to a crisp, funky breakbeat and pitch-bending siren. The effectiveness of the change up helps keep the track sounding interesting and fresh from beginning to end.
The B side is a remix of "To A Nation Rockin'" which comes courtesy of San Francisco legend Peter Tall (aka: Bassbin Twins). While keeping the original vibe of the work, he ups the beat changes and infuses more samples and funky drops, creating a much different overall sound. This is a fun remix and a highly anticipated release for the label.
Both sides of the vinyl are available for your listening pleasure.

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