Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Future Renegades - Fine Day 12"

This is the 1999 one sided white label 12" for the Future Renegades bootleg remix of Opus III - It's A Fine Day.
The mix is a dark breakbeat rework that utilizes crisp, bombastic beats and a deep bassline along with snippets of the vocal to build waves of sound that crash and rebuild over and over for the duration of the cut. Eventually the original airy vocals are introduced and play through, lifting the entire track out of the mindtrip that the multiple layers of sound have created.
This is a top notch, if not very overlooked remix effort that everyone should hear.

purchase it here

download it here

file password: atiwygwylei


philk said...

thanks for posting my bootleg...good to see its still got legs!!!

B.Dee said...


This was quite a good mix of a true classic.
Thank You for all the effort you put into it.
I'm definitely still enjoying it!

Thanks for checking out the blog.