Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prefab Sprout - If You Don't Love Me (promo) 12"

This is the 1992 Epic Records promo 12" for two alternate remixes of the title cut.
The A side remix is something of a mash-up between the hugely popular remix by The Future Sound of London and the original track. The basic elements of the remix are that of the FSOL remix, but there are pieces of the original song layered in with it. The running length is longer than either of the remixes by FSOL that are featured on the full release 12" single, which means there's been a bit of loop editing done and some slight rearranging for dramatic affect. The mastering quality on this is a little strange/strained. The peaks during the sections where both the remix and the original are running together are pushed quite far, making for a muddy listen (for a few seconds at a time). This is an interesting alternative to the otherwise perfect FSOL remixes.
The B side is the remix that was created by the engineers over at Twitch Recordings (out of San Francisco, California). It was originally done for this release, but a year later made an appearance on a remix compilation. This version utilizes a more stripped down arrangement and cleaner edits than the A side reworking. There's also a short section that layers in some of the "Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child of Q mix)" ambience. This side of the 12" is definitely the more DJ friendly of the two, and something that still sounds fresh and interesting today.
Both sides of the vinyl are available here for your listening pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

Been looking forever for this. Even better to have the background commentary on the tracks. Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Never even heard of this version. Thanks!