Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Rose - Godzilla Project 12"

This is the 1995 Pinguin Music 12" release by Dutch producer Dov Elkabas under one of the many, many aliases he has used throughout his long career. This vinyl, and the second installment of the Godzilla Project, are more on the progressive techno end of the music spectrum. Really cool stuff from the mid 90's.
The A side is the original mix which is a stripped down, bottom heavy track with a backing breakbeat and some eerie synth work woven in. A straightforward proggy techno cut with the right amount of warmth to keep any listener interested.
The remix on the B side was produced by French producer Juantrip. His revision of the cut is an even more minimal approach to the track. Stripping out most of the warmer sounds and leaving the barebone structure. This version is a useful DJ tool and a versatile addition to any discerning jockey's crate of vinyls. This minimal version still gets played out today.
Both sides of the vinyl are here for your listening enjoyment.

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