Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ashtrax - Digital Reason 2x 12"

This is the 2001 vinyl only double 12" release from Ashtrax on the defunct Deviant Records.
The first vinyl from the pair contains the original mix and the remix by James Holden and Gwill Morris under their short lived Ogenki Clinic moniker. The A side original version is a progressive breaks monster with a thick bassline, phased/filtered vocals throughout and some interesting arpeggios scattered across the full length of the track. A choice cut that made a huge impact on the progressive house scene when it was released.
The B side Ogenki Clinic version is a deeper, more hypnotic reworking with a tribal drum loop foundation stacked with eerie synth work, weird static radio waves and subtle hints of the original pieces layered under and around everything else. The cut is quite energetic, yet spacey enough to let your mind wander while having a listen.
The second vinyl features the remix by Ashtrax themselves and the Wilmaers brothers (aka Filterheadz). The Ashtrax remix is a more straightforward 4/4 chunky stomper that utilizes a good portion of the vocal and a funky bopping midrange synth to keep the sound fresh. Some of the better elements from the original are missing here, but other pieces more than make up for the loss. A refreshing take on an already cool tune.
The D side remix by Filterheadz is an even chunkier reworking that uses quite a bit of the original sounds and adds some new flair to the mix. This version is the shortest in the package, but not in any way the weakest. The remix effort is a perfect compliment to the other side of this 12" and the other mixes in the full release.
All four of the mixes are here for your listening enjoyment.

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