Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sound 5 - The Hacienda Must Be Re :)built 12"

This is the 2000 RIP Records remix and re-release 12" for the deep house / acid house cut by Sound 5.
The A side is a re-edit by Soul Mekenik. Taking a few parts from the original and adding their own flair (aka - making the track a bit more DJ friendly), the edit goes off in another direction and makes the cut so much more exciting. A truly different sound compared to what the majority of producers were releasing around the same time.
The B side is a full fledged remix by UK progressive house favorites, Tarrantella and Redanka. Their remix is a more hypnotic, driving rendition, with parts of the original track laced throughout. An interesting effort, and well worth a fully attentive listen.
Both versions are here for your listening pleasure.

purchase it here

download it here

file password: atiwygwylei


Mike said...

Great post.
It's a shame there's no digital version available anywhere. One of the best T&R remixes ever.

B.Dee said...

The new remixes that were released don't live up to either of these versions. I'm still wondering why they didn't (re)release these alongside the new remixes ...