Monday, October 1, 2012

Stef, Pako & Frederik - Seaside Atmosphere 12"

This is the 1999 Coded Records 12" (re)release for 1996 track by three of the best Dutch progressive house producers - Stef, Pako & Frederik.
The original version, which is featured on this vinyl, is a beautifully simple cut with washes of synths, shimmering ambience and a constant arpeggio to keep the track bubbling along and working its magic.
The other two mixes are provided by Manchester UK progressive duo, Evolution. With their lead off "donkey derby mix" keeping the original feel of the track, they've added a hearty backbone and gave the track a solid, well-deserved updating. On the flip, their "ambient seagull" mix takes the underlying moodiness of the track and pushes it into the spotlight. They've added more layers of sound and a monstrous crashing percussion section that gives the mix a solid grounding without losing any of the mellow vibe.
All three cuts are here for your listening pleasure.

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