Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friction & Spice - You Make Me Feel So Good 12"

This is the 1996 Cosmic Records 12" release for the joint effort of DJs Friction & Spice.
The A side is titled "Friction's Original Concept" which leads me to believe this is the first version of the track. With a distorted chopping techno undertone, lush reverbs on the rhythm, breakbeats and perfect sample usage, this is a precursor to Justin Scott Dixon's later works as Voyager and his unique production style that garnered so much attention in the progressive house genre. An early example of one of the most interesting producers in the business.
The B side is by the other half of the Cosmic Records team, DJ Spice. His reworking has an early 90's house vibe, complete with added diva samples, stabby rave tones and a stepping breakbeat/house rhythm. An interesting rethinking of the original track, but it seems elementary in its construction compared to the A side.
Both versions are here for your listening enjoyment.

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