Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clifford N Williams - Reach Up 12"

This is the 1995 Final Phase Records 12" release for Clifford N Williams - Reach Up.
Produced and mixed by two of the three original members of Swansea UK outfit Hybrid, the 3 track single has a nuanced range of styles from one cut to the next, but the vinyl works as a cohesive whole quite well. The strongest version of the three is the B1 remix with its stripped down arrangement, added swooping synth and uplifting baselines. All of which create a truly memorable version that seems to sit head and shoulders above the other mixes.
The recognizable vocal snippets come courtesy of Rowetta, with a slight pitch adjust to make them fit the track's overall vibe.
All three of the mixes are here for your listening enjoyment.

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